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Credit unions for everyone


Michael Heaslip

"The Credit Union is the easiest way to save a few pounds every month, and the easiest way to get a quick loan to fund urgent bills. I applied for a loan for some work on the house and the money was in my building society account next day.

It's much cheaper and easier than a finance company, and you know the money is staying in the area, so it's helping the local economy too. Everybody wins!"

— Michael Heaslip, Workington, member since 2010


"December Disaster! ... bath cracked and urgent work was needed and the money saved with the credit union was for a rainy day...and this was most definitely it, being so close to Christmas. Got the money very quickly so work was done and no stress."

— Debbie Cosgrove, Allerby member


"The Credit Union is a great way to save a little money for the future with the ability to borrow extra at a competitive rate, when you need it, avoiding the high interest lenders. The credit union is easy to join; I joined and would encourage others. Hopefully payday lenders and doorstep loans will be a thing of the past if the community support the Credit Union."

Denise Rollo, Workington member


"When I bought my car for £6,000 from a main dealer in Cockermouth I found the loan from the credit union saved me hundreds of pounds compared to the finance available from the garage."

— Marie, Maryport


"I have taken out a loan from Allerdale Credit Union for the first time to spread the cost of new secondary double glazing. My Credit Union savings have been left intact and the cost is a few pounds per week over 12 months. The money was in my account in 24 hours. Think about Credit Unions as a real alternative to other forms of lending."

— Martyn Evans, Chair ACU, Cockermouth


"Join the Credit Union and get your finances in control - best thing I ever did."

— Mary Bainbridge, Mayor of Workington


"I have a savings account with Allerdale Credit Union and make regular payments to it. There have been occasions when, like most people, I have had an unexpected payment to make and found the staff of Allerdale Credit Union very friendly and most helpful."

— Len Davies, Cockermouth, Mayor of Allerdale


"As Councillors we are aware that a lot of our residents struggle to make ends meet particularly with the changes in the welfare system and cuts in services. We have have prioritised helping those residents as a key part of our Council objectives.

It is important to help people manage their finances, to access a bank account, to save and to be able to borrow when necessary without running up huge debts. Supporting the Credit Union is a major part of this, which as an organisation helps people in all these areas."

— Philip Tibble, Allerdale Borough Council


Carol Tindall

"The credit union provides a vital service to the local community .. providing a safe home for savings as well as offering affordable loans - a real alternative to high-cost doorstep lenders and dangerous loan sharks."

— Carol Tindall, Mayor of Maryport, member since 2007


"I would recommend saving with the Credit Union to everyone. Now I have a regular amount deducted by my employer I don't miss it and checking online the other night I got a really pleasant surprise. My family have been members longer than I have and its reassuring to know that they won't need to resort to ultra high interest lenders in an emergency."

— Celia Tibble, Seaton member